New Installation VoltAire Cooling System

Find the perfect size, voltage and capacity for your project

Step 1 Choose your Capacity Cabinet Cooler Capacity
Step 2 Choose your Size Cabinet Cooler Size
Step 3 Choose your Voltage Cabinet Cooler Voltage
Step 4 Choose your Heat Cabinet Cooler Heat
Step 5 Choose your Durability Cabinet Cooler Durability

Cabinet Cooler Air Conditioner Unit Installation

When searching for new enclosure air conditioners, it’s critical to select the correct model for your application. VoltAire aims to simplify the installation of air conditioners as much as possible by providing a simple process to determine which unit from our inventory of industrial cabinet cooling systems is best suited for your project.

By entering a few details from your application, we can determine which cabinet enclosure air conditioning unit matches your needs with a recommended model. Please note, thermal loads and local conditions will play a major factor on properly sized equipment. To successfully utilize our cooling system, you will be asked to enter the desired capacity, size, voltage, heat option, and finish of the enclosure air conditioner. Please consult with an engineer for the right sizing for your load and condition.

Choosing the Right Capacity and Voltage

Capacity is a form of measurement that applies to your enclosure air conditioner’s power and is measured in British thermal units per hour (BTUh). This is one of the most critical aspects of the air conditioning system; selecting the incorrect capacity could yield a model that does not produce sufficient cooling for your needs. To determine the best capacity for your application, you’ll need to assess the enclosure’s total heat load and confirm the required enclosure temperature. We offer industrial coatings or stainless-steel air conditioning units ranging from 1,000 BTUh to 19,000 BTUh.

Voltaire units currently have three available options: 208-230/1ø, 115v or 48VDC and some are available in 50hz configuration. Purchasing a model with the incorrect voltage can lead to several safety hazards, including the possibility of an electrical fire. Please make sure the appropriate voltage is selected for your application.

Heat Options and Durability

If necessary, an optional electric resistive heating element can be installed in your unit. By default, stock units are built with heaters. Built to order units can be manufactured without heaters. The specifications of the heating element available may vary depending on your previous selections.

All VoltAire cabinets are built with Modine Luvata E-Coated steel that have been salt spray tested for 1,000 hours. A choice for your esthetic cover is between a powder-coated 5052 marine grade aluminum, or stainless steel finish. All cabinets and covers are rated to NEMA 4, but if NEMA 4X is necessary, select the stainless option.

High-Quality Replacements for Common Brands

If you have an existing system and are looking for enclosure air conditioning replacements, we can help with that, too. VoltAire offers a range of high-quality units that can easily replace:
McLean air conditioners,
Hoffman air conditioning units,
nVent cabinet enclosures,
Pentair cabinet enclosures.

VoltAire replacement models are efficient, affordable solutions for contractors and industry leaders looking to provide adequate cooling for their business operations.