Pentair N431216G151 Cabinet Cooler
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Pentair N4312 Replacement

N431216G151 11,000 BTU/hr (3223 Watt) Replacement - Fractional Tonnage 115v 60hz Industrial Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler with backup heat. Made in the USA.
115v 60hz 230v 60hz
no heat N431216G050 N431226G050
heat N431216G051 N431226G051
Stainless / Coating
no heat
N431216G060 N431226G060
Stainless / Coating
N431216G100 N431226G100

Selected model:

Pentair N431216G151

Heat - 230vac 60hz 11,000 BTU/hr (3223)

General Information

  • Operating Range 50F to 125F
  • UL / cUL
  • R134A refrigerant
  • Stainless Steel
  • NEMA 4x
  • Thermostat
  • Narrow Design
  • Galvanized sheet metal
  • Aluminum Mesh Filter
  • Heater Package
Pentair Replacement

Pentair N431216G151

11,000 BTU/hr (3223)
Not Available
Pentair N431216G151 Cabinet Cooler
Voltaire AT12 Enclosure Replacement
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Direct Replacement

VoltAire AT12RNS10

11,000 BTU/hr (3223)
$5,957 Estimated shipping to Dallas $350
Estimated shipping to Dallas $350 Request Quote

Dimensions & Specifications

Return Cutout
9.5" w x 12.69" h
13.5" x 11.75"h
Supply Cutout
9.5" w x 24.50" h
13.5" x 17"h
115 VAC
230 VAC
MCA (Amps)
Compressor Type

BTU/h (at 131ºF)
Electric Heat
Operational Range
-40 to 131 F
-40 to 131 F

Voltaire AT12RNS10

Heat - 230vac 50/60hz 11,000 BTU/hr (3223)

$5,957 Estimated shipping to Dallas $350
Voltaire AT12 Enclosure Replacement

Voltaire AT12RNS10

Heat - 230vac 50/60hz

12,000 BTU/Hr.

-40°F to 131°F

230vac 50/60hz

UL 484 and TYPE 4 (X)

Made in USA

Tested, Listed and Manufactured
$5,957 Estimated shipping to Dallas $350


Built for Technicians

Serviceability is key. We understand the need for a unit that’s easy to maintain and repair if necessary through the duration of the 10-20 year life expectancy of a unit. Like any air conditioner, certain components have a finite duty cycle and may wear out over time. Contactors and relays with a 200,000 duty cycle may eventually fail. We made sure with every VoltAire unit, these components were readily accessible so units can be repaired very quickly. We’ve also intentionally used easily accessible parts you’re likely already carrying on your truck so you don’t have to overnight a special relay from Florida. Even if our custom temperature control board goes down, you’re able to wire up a mechanical dial thermostat while a replacement can be sent out.

Understanding the cost to deploy a truck, we put a lot of thought and effort into our electrical tray design. Following in the vein of how residential units are designed, our units feature a centralized compartment easily accessed by a 5/16 driver that’s already on your truck.

When you take off our cosmetic cover, secured by a commonly available Torx fastener, it reveals the Acrylume Cabinet. Remove the six screws on top and all your electronics are going to be easily and visibly laid out in our electrical component tray. Remove a bottom panel and you’re into the compressor and motors. You can see labels to the components and where the wiring goes all right there. Unlike competitors where you might have to remove several components to access something buried deep inside the unit, it was important for us to design the equipment so it limited the amount of time a technician would need to troubleshoot and replace something simple. Most repairs can occur without even taking the unit off the cabinet.

Easly Accessible
  • Check Mark Compressor
  • Check Mark Control Boards
  • Check Mark Contractors
  • Check Mark Fans
$5,957 Estimated shipping to Dallas $350
Quality Asurance


Tested, then tested again

Stainless Steel Hardware Corossion resistant
Stainless Steel Drain Pan Corossion resistant
Rosenburg Fans Top of the line centrifugal high
effeciency fans
Voltaire AT12 Enclosure Replacement
Coated Condenser EletroFin E-coat
Acrylume Cabinet Corossion resistant
Powder Coated Hentzen off white powder coat

2 Tests

Independent bust and helium leak tests

6,000 Hr

Salt spray test

Factory Tested

All DX and electrical systems are tested in the factory

Factory Tested

It takes longer to build units right, but we can confirm they’ve been built to the toughest standards.

Everything starts with the quality and durability of the materials that make up our units. We begin with an Acrylume sheet steel that’s coated with a clear organic resin surface treatment for excellent corrosion resistance in a salt fog environment. Any metal that’s in contact with water like our condenser and evaporator and exterior fasteners are all built out of stainless steel. Our units are closed-loop systems, meaning, we don’t allow any ingress, air from the outside to come inside the cabinet. For this reason, every one of our condenser coils is coated with a dipped Modine Luvata E-Coat ( to extend the life against salt fog allowing our units to operate in some of the most extreme environments. Our esthetic cover is a powder-coated 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy.

Motors are a critical component of every air conditioner and we go to the extra expense to source the best. Rosenberg motors are engineered in Germany and manufactured in France with excellent distribution in the USA. Rosenberg fans have a high IP rating that protects against dust and water to add life to the equipment.

When space allows, we use a rotary compressor because they historically last longer and are more energy-efficient. Our TXV’s are exclusively Danfoss because they are the only TXV manufacturer that uses a stainless steel outside and inside copper blend for durability.

Downtime is not an option on critical telecommunications infrastructure. Units need to be able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and operate 24/7. We’re proud to be certified for use on AT&T cabinets.

Our units are designed and built around GR47 and to meet or exceed NEMA 4 tested and certified by UL with NEMA 4x (stainless steel cabinet) as an available option.

As the lifeblood of an air conditioner, we go great lengths to make sure the systems are sealed, is durable and reliable. Every unit undergoes an extensive testing and retesting process while it goes down the assembly line. Each unit is tested with:

  1. Nitrogen Burst Test - Nitrogen pressurization to 425PSI to make sure all the brazes and connections are solid.
  2. Pfeiffer Helium Test - As the smallest particle in the periodic table, smaller than the particles in our r410a refrigerant, helium is uniquely qualified to find any microscopic holes. While pressurized at 150 PSI a helium “sniffer” traces the entire line to look for any traces of a leak.
  3. Leak Decay Test - We vacuum the circuit down to 20 microns, trip the solenoid valve and let the micron level plateau. We watch that plateau and if it doesn’t get above 500 microns, it passes.
  4. Leak Decay Decay - A second leak decay test is performed on a second system and when it passes, the unit is charged with refrigerant.
  5. Refrigerant Leak Test - Fully charged, the unit undergoes another “sniffer” test to ensure there aren’t any refrigerant leaks in the system.

Each unit has a “Traveler” (accompanying paperwork) that goes with the unit and when it’s handed off to the next station, the previous tests are verified with new eyeballs to ensure they’re accurate. All the data collected on the traveler is tested against data and averages in our system by a Quality Supervisor that reviews it to make sure everything falls in line where it should be.

Factory Tested Cabinet Cooling Infographic
$5,957 Estimated shipping to Dallas $350

Pentair N4312

Not Available